The Process

It is a well-known fact that the Bruderer line of precision punch presses have a service life of several decades, even under permanent load around the clock. In spite of extremely high demands in respect of production quality and selection of materials, even high-precision top-class equipment like this will start to wear over time and need to be rebuilt.


This service is now offered by our Huntsville, Alabama location. The presses are rebuilt to original factory specifications and are very hard to distinguish from the press when it was originally delivered from the Bruderer factory.This offering allows companies of all sizes to enjoy the benefits of a Bruderer punching press, including unparalleled performance, reliability and efficiency. Backed by the world wide Bruderer reputation, the decision to invest in a Rebuilt Bruderer is a smart choice that will deliver incredible results at an unprecedented value.


In addition, we can rebuild your existing equipment at our Huntsville facility.  The following outlines a few things to consider before beginning the process.


Before rebuilding a Bruderer press a Bruderer technician should perform a simple evaluation which is done using a special testing kit developed by Bruderer to clearly identify the overall press condition.   This service can be ordered through our service department and assuming the dies are removed upon our arrival we can inspect 2-3 machines per day.  


It is the responsibility of Bruderer Machinery, Inc. to assure all press repair’s and rebuilds performed at one of our facilities meet current safety standards before it can leave our facility. The current standards are as follows;


ANSI B11.1-2009     Safety Requirements for Mechanical Power Presses (USA)

NEMA C84.1-2011     Electric Power Systems and Equipment - Voltage Ratings (60 Hz) (USA)

NFPA 79-2012     Electrical Standard for Industrial Machinery (USA)

OSHA 29 CFR 1910.217(e)(1)(i)     Standard on Mechanical Power Presses (USA)


In the event that the customer has special requirements outside of the above he will need to sign a waiver provided by Bruderer and it will become the customer’s responsibility to comply with latest safety standards as outline by governing body.