Limitless scope of application, 

utmost precision.

High performance stamping press BSTA 410:


  • High performance stamping press with perfected mass balancing system and adjustable stroke
  • Press force 410 kN
  • Speeds ranging from 100 to 1600 spm.
  • Adjustable stroke with mass balancing system together with latest control technology for a multitude of applications and a wide variety of stroke heights
  • Thermoneutral ram-guiding system with tilting point control at strip level for long tool life and optimum part quality
  • Ram adjustment during operation under production conditions for an optimized tool set-up
  • Powerful clutch and brake unit for improved first and last strikes and therefore reduced waste
  • Micro-tolerances maintained in the bottom dead center (BDC) for increased process stability
  • Precision engineering and the unique BRUDERER drive and lever system for improved reliability and durability across the whole mechanical system
  • Integrated measuring and monitoring function for improved process optimisation by means of simple control system usability
  • Easy attachment of peripheral devices for quicker integration and maximum productivity