Innovative solutions,

expertly implemented.


BRUDERER stamping presses and feed units have always been renowned for absolute precision and maximum performance. In order that we can guarantee machine accuracy and process reliability, our desire to maintain this mindset has always been at the heart of our research and development work.





Combining absolute precision with maximum performance.


Due to the unique lever system of the BSTA-series, the load acting on the ram is distributed. This load distribution, together with the absolute minimum clearance in the main and connecting rod bearings, are the backbone for the long life and high precision of the machine.


In order to prevent deflection of the tool’s upper die – due to excentric loads – the ram guide elements are placed in the same plane as the strip. This decidedly increases the tool’s service life.


Each of the hardened and ground ram adjustment screw-spindles only need to absorb 20 % of the load due to the lever system. This unique design permits the ram to be adjusted during the punching operation while maintaining closest tolerances.


First-punch accuracy and braking angle.


The compact and extremely responsive clutch and brake unit ensures minimum braking distances.  A significant feature is also the first-punch accuracy of our high performance automatic stamping presses. This ensures a consistently high production quality from the first to the last stroke. A further indicator of absolute precision and maximum performance.  


This is reinforced by the extremely short braking angle, which ensures an immediate stop of the punching process, for example if triggered by the tool monitoring system. Thanks to these components, it is possible to avoid unnecessary cost of repairs of stamping tools.