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Turnkey Solutions


Whatever the stamping problem, issue or project, BRUDERER MACHINERY Inc. is the one stop source for the most efficient solution. With our highly skilled engineers we are prepared to support and consult with our customers to produce the best solution for each application. Be it High Performance Stamping Presses Type BSTA of outstanding quality, latest state-of-the art accessories, peripheral equipment perfectly matching our superior press technology or sophisticated turn-key operations – we have the answer!


What is a Bruderer turn key solution?


The Bruderer turn key solution may contain several components. The basic system would be a un-coiler, Bruderer Press with feed and Sound Enclosure and a tool if requested.

Additional components available if required prior to the press

  • Material straightener/precision leveler
  • Strip Stock welder
  • Strip Accumulator
  • Strip Cleaner
  • Strip Lubricator

Available additions to the tool

  • Tonnage measuring
  • Precise BDC measuring
  • In-die cleaning
  • In-die laser welding
  • In-die vision system

Additional components available if required after the press

  • Strip/parts cleaner
  • Laser marking
  • Vision system
  • Strip parts preserving coating
  • Strip accumulator
  • Parts sampling
  • Automatic recoiler

Turn Key Solution examples

All 5 exemplary solutions are optimized for the production of special products. Nevertheless, the systems remain highly flexible and can be used for the production of other products. The foundation of this advantage is the capability to change the stroke on the Bruderer BSTA. One job may be a blanking project and the next may be a forming project.

One very efficient line capable of producing a multitude of parts in various shapes and sizes to the customer’s specification is the goal of every production line we design.

1. Coin Blanking Line with BSTA 1600


2. Single step production line for socket contacts with BSTA 810


3. Single step production line for laser-welded contacts with BSTA 510


4. In-die welding line for razor components with BSTA 510


5. Automated production line for structured packaging with BSTA 510